To embed an image into your WordPress website you have to: 

1. After creating the first album and uploading your images on your Prodibi account, first thing to do is to make your album public. Yes, your album is by default private and will not show on your website until you make it public. So click on "Actions" then "Album Settings" and Security Access from Private to Public

2. On the post you would like to publish, you will see three buttons: Prodibi Image, Prodibi Album, Prodibi Albums Grid.

3. Click on Prodibi Image > Select album > Select image > Insert Shortcode

4. That's it! You will now see the short code of the image in your post. Do NOT modify it other the image will no longer appear.

7. Publish your post! Your image is clickable, you can zoom on it with full speed even on mobile 

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