What browser should I use with Prodibi?

Supported Browsers

The top choice browser to use Prodibi.com while on a computer or mobile would be Google Chrome on both Mac and PC. You can also use all other Internet browsers that support HTML5, but Prodibi has been fully tested to be the most powerful with Google Chrome. Each browser may display colors slightly differently which is not anything Prodibi can assist with. 

Update your browser

If you are having trouble in Prodibi.com, try updating the browser to see if this makes a difference. Prodibi is using cutting edge technology that is only supported on the newest versions of each browser.

Not Supported

If your operating system does not support the newest browsers, you may find it difficult to use Prodibi.com. For now, the administration dashboard does not work within mobile browsers but Android and IOS apps will soon be released.

HTML4 browsers are not supported.

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