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How to send proofing gallery with the Prodibi Capture One plugin?

Here are the steps to follow to use the Prodibi proofing service:

  1. Select the images you would like to send to your client, click right, click Publish, and select the option "Prodibi - Proofing." 

Alternatively, and once your images are selected, you can also click "Image" in the menu to get to the Publish option.

2. Once you have selected "Prodibi - Proofing," you will be prompted to either create a new album or select an existing album from your Prodibi account.

3. After the album selection/creation, the upload and encoding of your photos will start and you will see a progress bar. 

Please be patient; the upload time will vary depending on the number of images, their size, and your internet connection speed. Do not close your Capture One software.

4. Once all images uploaded, you will get a notification from Capture One "Publish Action Completed."

Click show to get the corresponding URL, the URL will have the following structure:

Watch out: you need to have the Capture One notification enabled to get this message. If you miss this information, you will have to go your Prodibi account at to get the URL.

You can then share this URL with your client using your email address or your favorite messaging app.

Your client will see the full album with a clickable heart icon on the top left corner of each image.

5. To see which images are selected by your client, go to Capture One, Preference, Plugin, Prodibi, and Proofing.

Once in the Proofing option of the Prodibi plugin, you will find a selection of your albums with the number of images selected between ( ).

In the example below, one image has been selected.

6. Select how you want to rate the image(s). You have a choice between colors and stars rating. By defaults, the color tag is set to Green.

Click the album checkbox you want to rate to complete the proofing cycle. If you have more than one session/catalog open at the same time, you will be prompted to select a session/catalog.

7. Once the images are rated with the option of your choice, you can go back to your session/catalog and filter with the corresponding rating to see the selected image(s)

Watch out: the rating option you choose is synchronized with your session/catalog which means it will erase similar ratings. For example, if you select the color tag Green, all the previous Green ratings will be wiped.



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