Prodibi security information

As soon as you upload an image online, no matter the service provider you use, you are at risk. But at, we take extra steps to reduce risks at the most acceptable level.

Our goal is to help you showcase your best work as it was created so you can gain new clients and WOW your friends and followers. But security is also one of our top priorities.

Elements that ensure your photos are well protected

  • We never send the full size of the image to your viewer device, unless you have enabled the full-resolution download of your photos
  • All URLs are encrypted with SSL/OAuth2 security protocols
  • Disabled right-click "save image as" by default
  • All photos are stored on secure servers that only you can access. All data is backed up in multiple remote data centers distributed across the world

We have additional specific security features that are coming soon, notably, password protected galleries, access control for your transfer links, and watermarking of your photos. Stay tuned for more!

About your personal account data

Your contact information, private data, and of course, photos, are yours and yours alone. You will receive company and product updates by emails, but you can opt out at any time. You can learn more about our photographer friendly terms following this link to our TOS.

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