Install the Prodibi Capture One 12 plugin

Capture One 12 introduces the concept of Plugins which can significantly expand the possibilities to either edit or publish your images.

To Install the Prodibi Capture One plugin you have to: 

  1. Download the Prodibi plugin from its dedicated web page and install it in your Capture One 12 software. Note that currently, only the MAC version is available for Capture One 12 and a WINDOWS version will follow soon.
  2. To install the plugin, you need to:
    1. Open Preferences in Capture One 12 and select the Plugins tab.
    2. Click the + button in the bottom left corner, then select the plugin in the file browser that pops up OR Drag the plugin into the list of plugins (do not extract or modify the Prodibi zip file)
    3. Capture One 12 will then copy the plugin to the Plug-ins subfolder under Capture One and install it. The plugin should now show up in the list on the left of the Plugin manager tab and be ready to use.

More on how to install a Capture One plugin can be found at

Once the Prodibi plugin is installed, you need to:
  1. Connect your Prodibi account to your plugin. If you do not have a Prodibi account yet, you can create one for free.
  2. Go to Capture One > Publish and choose one Prodibi action between:
    1. Prodibi - Computer Vision Tags / to auto-tag your photos
    2. Prodibi - Share web gallery / to get a URL for your photos
    3. Prodibi - Proofing / to send a proofing image gallery

Few comments:

  • For the Auto-tagging feature, once started, there is nothing else to do and the keywords will appear progressively on your photos.
  • For the Share and Proofing feature, once started, make sure to leave enough time for the uploading and the encoding of your images to the Prodibi solution. This time may vary depending on the number of images, their size, and your internet connection speed.
  • For the Proofing feature, and once the client has selected the photos, go to Capture One > Preferences > Plugins > Prodibi > Proofing and click on "Look for albums with ratings". You will see all the albums with the number of images selected. Click "refresh", the pictures will be updated with the rating you have selected and you can filter on that rating to view them.

Auto Tagging:



Download Prodibi Capture One 12 plugin, as well as find more information at

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