How to install your Prodibi WordPress plugin?

To install the WordPress Prodibi plugin and benefit from the Prodibi solution you have to:

1. Make sure that you use a self-hosted website to be able to install plugins. If you are using, you will NOT have access to the plugin section in your dashboard.

2. Install the Prodibi plugin using the download link provided by your contact at Prodibi. If you don't have a download link yet, please contact us directly on For now, the Prodibi plugin is not available in the WordPress plugin directory.

3. Download the plugin from the source, you will get a zip file that you should NOT extract or modify.

4. Click on the Plugins section > Add New > Upload Plugin. This will bring you to the plugin upload page.

5. Select the Prodibi zip file and click the Install Now button

6. WordPress will now automatically install the plugin. Once installed, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.

7. You are now all set to enjoy the Prodibi solution on your WordPress plugin. Simply create an account or login into an existing one to start.

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