How to export my photos from Lightroom

To export your photos from Lightroom (Lr) to your Prodibi account, you have to:

  1. Download the Lr plugin from your Prodibi account. You can find the plugin in the Plugins/Apps section at the top

2. Extract all files into a new folder called "prodibi.1.0.0.lrplugin" - you have to create this folder

3. On Lr, go to File Plug-in Manager > Add and select your folder "prodibi.1.0.0.lrplugin" to install it

4. Select all the pictures you would like to export and click the export button

5. Change the export destination to Prodibi

6. Enter your Prodibi account details including Account name / User name (email address used to create Prodibi account) / Password Album name

That's it! Your photos will be automatically exported to the album you selected in your Prodibi account. Be patient, the export duration depends on your Internet speed and the numbers of photos you export.

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