Troubleshooting FAQ

Issue with Installs or Updates

When installing the Prodibi Capture One plugin:

  • Make sure to have the correct plugin for your operating system. Currently, the Prodibi Capture One plugin is only available for MAC. A Windows version is scheduled for 2019.
  • If you encounter an error message when updating the plugin, first make sure to delete the previous plugin to avoid any potential conflict.
  • The Prodibi Capture One plugin is only available for Capture One version 12 and above.

Issue with Login

  • You can either create a new Prodibi account or connect with your existing account directly in the plugin.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.
  • If you see an error message "Username is already taken" when creating a new account, you need to modify your username.
  • If you cannot log in once the account is created, recheck your credentials. You can also reset your password at

Issue with Publishing to a Prodibi service

If you face issues when publishing your images to a Prodibi service:

  • Check your Internet connexion.
  • Check other sessions/catalogs if you have more than one open.
  • Check the name of your files. We currently do not support special characters such as &?+ in the name of your images. Modify your files' names and retry the publish action.
  • Depending on the number of images you are publishing, their size, and your Internet connection speed, you need to leave sufficient time for the action to complete. Also, due to technical limitation, we cannot provide precisely the time left for the publish operation. Please wait until you get a notification from Capture One "Publish Action Completed."

Issue with Notification

  • Make sure to allow Capture One notification to receive the plugin messages. If you have turned off notification, you will not receive a message from the plugin when the publish action is completed.
  • If you have missed the notification message, you can always get your web gallery URLs (Sharing and Proofing services) from your Prodibi account at

Issue with Auto-tagging service

  • The number of tags per images is different from the credits it costs. You will get up to 10 tags per images depending on what the computer vision understands in your pictures. You might get 0 tags if the computer vision does not recognize anything with a sufficient level of certainty.
  • You might also get false positive results if you choose too many options. For instance, if you tag food images with the option "Understand travel concepts (1.5 credits)", the computer vision might tag concepts that are irrelevant. You will still be charged the corresponding amount of credits.
  • Mind the options you select before tagging your photos for the best results.

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