Auto Tagging

How to tag your photos with the Prodibi Capture One plugin?

Here are the steps to follow to use the Prodibi auto-tagging service:

  1.  To see the number of credits you have and to select the tagging options that are relevant to you, go to Capture One, Preference, Plugin, Prodibi, and Auto Tagging.

  2. In the setting, select all tagging options that are relevant for the images you are about to tag. The number of credits between brackets will be deducted from your account each time you use the tagging feature and for each image.

For instance, if you want to tag Food images and you select the options "Tag general concepts, objects and scenes (1 credit)" and "Understand food concepts (1.5 credits)", you will be charged 2.5 credits for every images you tag (1 credit for general concept plus 1.5 credits for food concepts).


  • The number of tags per images is different from the credits it costs. You will get up to 10 tags per images depending on what the computer vision understands in your pictures. You might get 0 tag if the computer vision does not recognize anything with a sufficient level of certainty.
  • You might also get false positive results if you choose too many options. For instance, if you tag food images with the option "Understand travel concepts (1.5 credits)", the computer vision might tag concepts that are irrelevant. You will still be charged the corresponding amount of credits.
  • Mind the options you select before tagging your photos for the best results.

3. Once you have selected your tagging options, select the images you would like to tag automatically, click right, click Publish, and select the option "Prodibi - Computer Vision Tags."

Alternatively, and once your images are selected, you can also click "Image" in the menu to get to the Publish option.

4. This will open the Prodibi - Computer Vision Tags options.

Follow the instructions to properly set your publishing settings. Go to the "Basic" tab and set the scaling to long edge (No Upscale) with 4096px and quality 75.

Note that there is nothing to set up in the 3 other tabs "Adjustments", "Metadata", and "Watermark".

5. Once published, wait for the "Publish Action Completed" notification. The time will depend on the number of photos you are tagging.

Click the letter "i" in your dashboard to see the associated metadata. If you have selected the option "try to describe the image", the description will be available in the description field of your metadata.

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