Add your domain name to your Prodibi portfolio

Once your Prodibi portfolio website is published, all visitors will be able to access it at the standard URL (username is your account name). Here is our demo portfolio website as a reference:

If you have already purchased your own domain name, you might want to assign it to your Prodibi portfolio. Here is a quick 4-steps guide to help you to perform this simple task:

  1. Log to your domain provider - Note that Prodibi is not selling domain name and cannot access your domain provider for you.
  2. Create a CNAME entry as follow : www CNAME
  3. Create a permanent redirect type 301 from your naked domain yourdomain.comto
  4. Go to your Prodibi administration panel and then to your portfolio. In the part *1. Settings* enter your personal domain name

That's it! Domain name propagation may take up to a few hours depending on your provider. Feel free to connect with us on our live chat should have any question.

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